What Are Citations & Why Do They Matter?

In the world of SEO you hear the term citations when it comes to local seo but what are citations? Why do they matter to search engine optimization experts and why should they matter to you as a business owner? That is what we will seek to answer for right here right now! Definition of What A Citation Is A citation also called a local citation is the mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business online. These citations can appear on local online directories, social platforms, and even mobile applications. Not only do local citations…

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Get Your COVID19 Ad Credits From Google Before They Are Gone!

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In all this COVID19 mess it seems it’s just bad news after bad news for small to medium-sized businesses. Well, there is good news from Google! If you are a current Google Ads client and you have actively run PPC campaigns 10 out of 12 months in 2019 as well as January and February of 2020 then you may be eligible for some ad credits! Google has allocated $340 million to ad credits for qualifying businesses so take action now and see if you can get your share! Google is also additionally helping with funding for businesses worldwide by providing…

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Google Shopping Free!

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Once upon a time there was this thing called Froogle which then later turned into Google Shopping. While Froogle was free the other turned into a pay service for featuring your products in Google. Well guess what? Google Shopping is now available to merchants that sell products for free! You no longer must pay to be in Google Shopping. If you have a product that qualifies then you will now have the ability to appear in Google Shopping for free. If you are already running paid ads, then nothing has changed for you and you have been automatically opted into the…

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COVID19 Got You Down Set Up Your E-Commerce Shop In 1HR!

If you are a retailer of products and you have clients that you can reach out to then conducting your business online by setting up an e-commerce store that people can shop at while we all stay in place and practice social distancing. We made this video to show you how to set up a very simple online shop that you can conduct business thru. This is so simple to do for even those that are not tech savy. Just follow the simple step by step instructions on the video and you can have your business online selling products during…

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Is Now The Time To Start Selling Online?

You're probably asking yourself why would I want to invest in doing something online like an e-commerce shop and what are the upsides as well as the downsides of selling products online? As I am writing this we are in the mists of the COVID19 virus and businesses are suffering the effects of the necessary stay home orders that are being issued all over the world to stop this pandemic from spreading.So what can you do to save your business from perishing during this worldwide crisis? Could online presence with a shopping cart be the answer to your needs now as…

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Every Year…. SEO Is Dead! Well Its A Long Slow Death Then! LOL

Almost every year at the beginning of the year someone decides to let us know that SEO is dead! Well, it has been dead for over 10 years according to the Nostradamus's in marketing! SEO is very much alive and doing just fine! Thanks for asking :). Now optimizing for Google has become the name of the game. With its domination in the search engine space, it is the place you want to be visible. What we as an SEO Company do now compared to just 5 years ago has changed as we ever evolve to keep up with all…

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Can You Get Good SEO For $295

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We live in a price centric world where I can shop and get pricing from a dozen places in mere minutes. So, it’s no wonder that people have gotten to the point where the cheapest wins a lot of the times but when it comes to having search engine optimization or internet marketing period is a cheap marketing solution really the best idea?That is what I want to talk about today. Sometimes cheap can lead to being more costly! I also want to cover what goes into doing SEO so that business owners and decision makers can get a better…

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Whats Wrong With “We Can Get Your Ranked On The 1st Page Of Google” Emails?

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Beware of emails that start with 1st page of Google and what they promise! Usually these emails will start with some nice language and then let you know that your website does not rank on keywords which then goes into how this SEO company that has contacted you without you asking has a plan to save you on the internet and make you visible and ranking on keywords! Here is a sample of a 1s page of Google Emails we received today! “Hello, I was going through your website and I found it impressive!!! However, when I search for your…

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Importance Of Owning Your Own Domain Name

Your website is usually one of the most precious pieces of internet marketing property a business owns so protecting it is important.If you do not own your domain, any money and effort you spent in building it as well as marketing it are not under you control.Whoever owns the domain can simply walk off with it or take control over itIf the domain is owned by your marketing agency or web designer, they can hold it hostage and make it really difficult for you to leave them.Think of it like not being on the deed to your house but your…

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How To Not Get Screwed By A Web Design Company

I am sure the title of this page may cause a little controversy but in this day and age we still come across web design companies that are screwing business owners out of their hard earned money especially small business seems to be a target. So what inspired this is that we are currently working with a client that paid for someone to stand up a website for their business and now that its been 2 months past the actual date that the site was promised they are still struggling with out a proper website.This made us decide to write…

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