Customers, even in your local market, are online and it takes the best local SEO companies to cut through targeted clutter. Greener SEO uses proven methods to get you in front of your customers.

Why do I need to target my local market?

Everyone is online and increasingly gaining the majority of their information over search engines, map tools, social media, and review sites. Getting traffic to your dispensary, law firm, or other business can seem impossible amid the clutter of the web.

You need to target your local market where they are and with content that captures their interest. Find the perfect content to match with their needs.

SEO is about more than keywords and Google AdWords. It is about digital marketing. Online marketing is a prominent need as the average consumer moves away from television and radio while still seeing over 500 advertisements daily.

Greener SEO combines the power of social media, your website, and research to create a unique blend of captivating content. Our campaigns focus on getting in front of people where it matters and converting interest into action.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Artificial intelligence changed marketing. Most people use Google and Bing which deploy an evolving set of intelligent algorithms geared towards providing content a user wants to see. The days of stuffing keywords in page are gone.

SEO still requires finding the most searched for keywords. It also involves placing those keywords in content that is useful, marketing the content, and driving organic traffic. We built our technique on mastering the minds of consumers in the cannabis industry before expanding to the rest of the Houston area.

What does local SEO involve?

Going from targeting a national audience to a local audience requires the knowledge to master map applications, social media, and review sites. More people trust these sources than traditional mediums such as newspaper or radio.

We utilize these applications to their fullest. Get in front of any age group whether they are baby boomers on Facebook or Generation Z in Tik Tok. Our experts tailor campaigns directly for your business needs.   

Does localized SEO provide a return on investment?

Companies that do not have an online presence see as much as a 15 percent increase in revenue when establishing their brand online. This includes SEO.

Marketing drives traffic and SEO is no different. Instead of propelling people to your location with a catchy television ad, we use the entire web to push your brand image in the community and establish you as a leader in the minds of potential consumers. This drives traffic in the same way as traditional mediums and can be even more powerful as the entire community shares your message instead of a small subset of viewers.

Where can I find help with SEO in Houston?

The best local SEO in the Houston area places you in front of the entire greater area. Greener SEO understands the challenges of the modern world and will work hard to get your business in front of the right people when they need you most.

Contact us today for more information.