The local market is challenging, and you do not only need to get more reviews, but you also need to get good and natural reviews. Greener SEO does not spam your social media, map listings, and review pages, but uses a proven method to propel your business forward.

Why do reviews matter?

More people trust online sources of information today than at any other time in the past. Over 60 percent of people under 35 get their information online with baby boomers now spending more time on mainstream social media than ever before.

Every comment makes a difference. This is the difference between a traditional advertisement and word of mouth from someone who experienced your product or service.

There is proof that a review impacts your search engine performance. Companies perceived negatively generally see less traffic and are thus less likely to make it to the first two pages of search results. With map applications and review sites, lower-rated companies generally appear last by default.

More than 50 percent of search engine users never reach beyond the first three non-advertisement links on Google. Less than 10 percent even reach the second page of results. Dropping below the second page diverts customers to your competitors.

Can I improve my reviews?

You can work on your reviews. Greener SEO helps customers tailor their reviews with natural and non-artificially written content. We push your actual customers to leave a review and will help you tailor your web presence to do so. Our campaigns even involve locally popular content producers who can leave trusted reviews.

Never use a content mill. The reviews are poor quality, typically use bad grammar, and only exist to make money. These companies do nothing more than reduce your online presence.

Do influencers reviews work?

Influencers provide a more trusted avenue to achieve results than creating a page full of fake reviews. Customers easily spot manipulated ratings, especially those written by a content mill.

A trusted online personality works like a celebrity endorsement. Companies spent millions of dollars in the past to get stars such as Michael Jordon to wear a certain brand or push a one liner. These stars have reach. We seek to use only people with a following as it seems today that anyone can claim the role of influencer.

How do I get customers to leave a review?

There are several ways to get a customer to leave a review. You can:

  • Offer a discount in return for a verified review
  • Ask for feedback while offering a trial run of a product
  • Tailor your website to promote ratings

Greener SEO does not fake your response. We want to create natural content driving organic traffic.

How can I improve my reviews in Houston?

Using an SEO firm to drive traffic and create real local reviews in the Houston area is a start. Using the right firm is a necessity.

Greener SEO seeks to help your business thrive with real campaigns that work. Get in touch today to get more reviews with us today.

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