National SEO Campaigns

When it comes to getting search traffic from all over the nation the competition tends to get pretty stiff for organic rankings as well as pricy for pay per click campaigns. So it is no surprise that it takes more resources which means a bigger marketing budget to compete in national search rankings. If you feel like you have the budget for a national campaign then the first step is in identifying your target audience as well as the keywords that are most important for you to rank on. Once you have established those parameters an accurate marketing budget for organic rankings can be determined.

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What To Expect From A Nationwide SEO Campaign.

Organic rankings are not like turning on a pay-per-click campaign they take a sustained effort and a time frame of 6 months to a year to come to full fruition. So when embarking down this road be prepared to sustain a campaign for that long. This does not mean you will not get any improvements in rankings or overall traffic improvements to the site. It means that in order for things to start clicking on all cylinder will take that long.

How Long Will It Take For SEO To Work?

This is a question that depends on many factors. The biggest being the current state of your website and how primed it is for conforming to guidelines that will make organic rankings in Google possible. The general rule is that it will take 6 months to a year to get things really working.

However, if your website is in good shape and already has some good fundamentals that time can be cut short significantly. If your website is a mess it can take even longer then the anticipated time we would usually expect to see results in. It may take months to just clean up bad seo and get things back on track. Worse case scenarios may require a full scrapping of the site and starting over. It is hard to say without looking at a site and doing at minimum a quick audit to see what shape it is in.

Now if the site is in good shape things can progress rather quickly. We have seen a doubling and tripling in traffic within as little as a few months. However, this site had a lot of good things going for it and just needed proper adjustment. So results are not typical it all depends on your site.

Factors That Effect Time It Takes To Rank

  • Technical aspects of the site – These are things like site speed, mobile responsiveness and other technical factors that make the site run properly. Generally, if you are using Word Press with proper plugins your technical SEO should not be too far off. If you have a custom built CMS then there can be a plethora of problems since most developers have very little regard for Search Engine Optimization. While we do not discriminate against custom developed platforms when they are done right many of the nightmare scenarios we have seen have been on custom-built platforms. Where technical SEO has not been a big factor before it has gotten more and more important in the last 5 years or so. Search engines like Google want fast loading sites that are written in good code that render properly in all manner of devices.
  • Link profile – If your site has a healthy and strong link profile then getting rankings to move in a positive direction can happen rather quickly. If that is not the case then it will take time to acquire quality links using white hat link building tactics. Also keep in mind that most links that are built today will not affect your rankings for 4-6 weeks since it will take time for the search engine to crawl them as well as give you credit for the new links.
  • Site Quality & Content – Having quality content on your site is a big portion of the whole equation where thin or poor quality content will actually hinder rankings and bring the overall quality of tthe site down good unique informative content will help your quality score. So depending on your current content your site could be primed for getting good rankings with a bit of reformatting or some link building efforts where if it is full of thin content the first thing that it will need is a content audit combined with the addition of quality content to move it in the proper direction.
  • Site Structure – This is an often overlooked aspect when websites are built. What a site need is proper navigation as well as the proper site structure where content is grouped properly.

These are the highlights of what can affect a webiste and how quickly organic rankings can improve or if it will take time due to improper set ups or bad seo practices being performed on the site. One of the first things we do before starting any campaign is to audit the site and see what overall factors are present and which are lacking or in need of correction.

If you have a national seo campaign running and want a second set of eyeballs on it with suggested improvements if needed we do consult on campaigns as well as manage them.

For more information on consulting on your organic ranking project please contact us with details.

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