As Houston SEO experts running a digital marketing agency our team focus is to get you as much meaningful traffic as possible. The best way to do that is to use  our process of SEO and SEM to create as much visibility in search results for your website using a combination of organic and PPC advertising to make sure you can get in front of as many searches as possible.

In short SEO simply means more visibility in search results which brings more visitors which means more sales, leads or clients walking in the door. The bottom line for business owners is an increase in conversions in the form of a lead being generated or products being purchased.

What We Focus On In Our Digital Marketing Agency

Local SEO

Our Local SEO products are perfect for local businesses that service customers in the proximity of their location. As well as businesses with multiple locations.

National SEO

Perfect for E-Commerce sites selling products and any business that wishes to be seen on search engines nationally. Also businesses that operate on a state level.

Link Building

Let us do the outreach and get you quality links for your brand website. We use all white hat methodologies in earning links for your site. Our team of experts will get you the link growth you need to rank.

Site Recovery

Are you a brand or a business with a web site that was hit by a google penalty or perhaps damaged in a site transition our team can analyze & asses the damage and come up with a plan for site recovery.

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Houston SEO Company With SEO Experts That Have Over 20 Years Experience In The Industry

Houston Based SEO Expert Dominik Hussl

We say search engines but let’s not kid ourselves if you don’t rank on Google you do not exist on the web for the most part. This is where we come in we bring over 20 years of search engine optimization and marketing expertise to bear on your web project when you choose to hire us our team will go to work to beat your competition.

Our SEO Experts experience goes back to the days when multiple search engines existed. Yes, its true there were more than two once! We had Alta Vista, Hot Bot, Inktomi, AOL Search, Yahoo and of course then came Google and changed the game. So we have seen lots of changes in the process needed to ranking success. Our team of SEO’s are constantly researching the latest methods in order to stay ahead of the ever-changing algorithmic changes that Google presents us.

Our SEO Company currently offers search engine optimization and SEM for local as well as national businesses alike. Each online presence requires certain factors to be satisfied in order to be deemed worthy in the eyes of Google and gain rankings. Our seo process is to look at your competition and your presence. Our team then uses the best SEO strategies to help you beat the competition.

Every website requires a different approach in order to satisfy the Google algorithm and therefore we work on all aspects of optimizing your web presence. If your business does not yet have a web presence we can also build you an SEO friendly website from the ground up. Sometimes starting properly from the ground up is easier than unraveling a giant mess that a cheap SEO left behind. Our  web design also keeps in mind the users and user experience. When deciding which of the many SEO companies to trust your project to it is also important to make sure they understand users and the user experience on a website. As Google looks at users and how they interact with your site and if the web design or UX is off the conversions will suffer as well as your ranking results.

SEO & Digital Marketing Agency Houston

Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing Can Take Many Forms:

Our approach is a holistic one in that we will use all aspects of optimizing your website for the best Google rankings and keywords that will bring an ROI. This will involve factors that are directly related to the site itself as well as factors that are offsite. Offsite SEO strategies consist of things like links that point to the site as well as other factors that are not directly on your site itself. Let me explain each one of the current factors that are important for Google to rank your site well in some detail. Google uses 200 different ranking signals in order to decide if your site is worthy of traffic.

While we generally can not adhere to them all our digital marketing optimization techniques focus more on the most important factors to get you the best possible SEO Packages that offer you the best results for your marketing budget.

The Main Aspects Our SEO Experts Focus On:

  • Onsite Optimization – This involves all aspects of optimizing the site itself. Aspect’s of onsite optimization will include content creation, title tag optimization, proper navigation and siloing of the site for optimal indexing and Schema mark up are just some of the techniques we use to optimize the site itself.
  • Offsite Optimization – This involves reaching out to other sites that are authoritative on the web or in the specific industry and working obtain links to the site that are favorable. Each link acts like a vote or endorsement and will help the site if the site linking is a favorable and powerful one but it can also have a negative impact if the site is a bad one or at the very least it will have no positive effects at all. Reaching out to sites and informing them of your presence and obtaining guest posts is one of the methods we use to do offsite SEO. Social media and reaching out to influencers in your industry would be another way we use offsite factors to positively affect your site.
  • Technical SEO – This is an aspect that has become more and more important as time has gone on. Google is very much concerned with site speed as well as that a site is secure. Since they will be sending their customers your way ( people that use Google to search) they want to be sure that your site loads quickly and delivers pertinent information to the user. This also involves things like your site rendering properly on all devices like a tablet, a phone as well as a computer and laptop. When these things are not done properly the sites rankings will suffer.
  • A combination of onsite and offsite – This is our approach and we focus on whichever your site is lacking and needs the most in order to get your organic rankings where they should be.
  • Link building or Earning – This is done by reaching out to strong sites and using content or a tool to garner favorable links pointing to your site.
  • Content creation as well as optimization – Content is still king in the SEO world as well as being the biggest focus for Google to look at a site favorably and deem it worthy of good rankings. It is also an important aspect for other authoritative sites to think you worthy of a link. It is not just enough to write a good engaging piece of content but it must also be formatted properly to have the best chance of ranking organically in Google.

National SEO Campaigns Versus Local Optimization

Our SEO company’s focus is on national as well as local optimization services depending on your needs. When you are a local business that only services your area a national campaign does not make sense. Also, national search engine marketing services are much more expensive when compared to SEO services to rank locally. Local SEO generally gets you ranking in a 10- 20-mile radius of your location. Now there are some industries where local SEO can be quite difficult and require many resources especially in big cities like Houston Texas, Dallas Texas, New York City and so on, however, if you are not in a crazy competitive industry local SEO can be done at much more affordable pricing than national SEO. It simply comes down to the number of competitors trying to rank in the area on the same terms and the amount of effort they are putting into gaining organic rankings.

Start beating the Competition With Local SEO Services

Local SEO Factors

  • Onsite Optimization
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Citations
  • Local Links
  • Authoritative Links
  • Reviews
  • NAP Listings & Consistency
  • Schema
  • Technical SEO
Nationwide SEO Services

National SEO Factors

  • Onsite Optimization
  • Offsite Optimization
  • Authoritative Links
  • Technical SEO
  • Schema

It seems like the national list is shorter but the amount of work that goes in to a national seo campaign requires many more resources focused in the areas mentioned above. Also, the level of difficulty varies depending on the industry in question as with local. If the competitions is soft less resources are needed and things will progress rather quickly.

If you would like to have us take a look at your site fill out the quote request form and we will take an in depth look in to your site and come up with a strategy!

Our Houston based internet marketing agency can help you with  local as well as national campaigns.