No matter what your business is everyone always wants to know how to get more Google reviews? We can help you get more reviews on Google as well as most major review sites like Yelp and Facebook.
Getting customer reviews can be difficult but we have found ways to make it easy for your customers to leave you a review which means you get more reviews for your business faster and easier! Our platform will make getting reviews easy and almost on autopilot once you get everything set to start making it easy for your clients to leave one you will see your online reputation grow!

How To Easily Get Google Reviews Or Major Review Site Reviews

Get More Reviews On Google & Yelp

Get More Business Reviews On Google & Yelp

$149 a month

  • Get more 5 star reviews
  • Block bad reviews by intervening before hand!
  • Manage your online reputation online easily
  • Get reports on how your reputation is doing online
  • Automatically post reviews on your site and social channels

Getting good reviews is easy once you empower your clients to leave you feedback online that is easy and hassle free for them! We give you the ability to reach out to clients in several different ways that make it easy for the customer to interact with your online presence which means more reviews for your business!

Once you sign up with us we will set you up with several ways to reach out to clients and make it easy for them to leave a 5 star review. Our system will also help manage your online reputation by giving you an opportunity to get a chance to possibly stop a bad review from happening before it lands on a major review site.

How we help you get more customer reviews

  • By using emails that ask for a review as well as automated follow up emails if the client has not left one in a 5-day time span.
  • We also give you the ability to get them in to our system via a tablet where they can easily leave their details and our system will send them an email reminder to leave you a review as well as follow up emails in 5 days if no review is left.
  • You can choose from the platforms you want to have reviews left on
  • We also have what we call a bad review blocker which activates when someone tries to leave a negative review. It gives you the chance to interact with the client and attempt to remedy the situation before your faced with a 1-star review.

How our review system works for you!

  1. It makes it easy for customers to leave you reviews
  2. It sends review reminders to help you get that 5star review
  3. It blocks bad reviews from happening instantly by intervening when someone is about to leave a bad review and giving you one more chance to fix the situation before you end up with a 1star review.
  4. It allows you to monitor your online reputation and notifies you whenever a new review is posted. This way you can immediately respond to new reviews if needed.
  5. You can show off your good customer reviews on your website as well as have them automatically posted on your Facebook & Twitter accounts
  6. Automated reporting to show you how your reputation is doing online.

Reviews & Reputation Management Go Hand In Hand

Getting local business reviews and reputation management at first does not appear like they would matter but if you start to look at things from the perspective of that people look on google and yelp and other review sites to see if your business is reputable based on the reviews that they see. Using that information, they may decide to do business with you or pass you by for a competitor with better ratings. So, to get more reviews that are 5 star will help you convert more clients that are finding you online.

Why is your online reputation so important?

  • A bad reputation online can prevent you from getting new clients
  • More people look for reviews online before considering doing business with a company, so looking bad online can lose you clients you did not even know you lost.
  • Good Google Reviews will build up the trust new clients will have in your business before you ever interact with them where bad ones will do exactly the opposite.
  • Positive reviews are like independent nonbiased endorsements of how well your company treats its client. Where bad ones are coffin nails for your online reputation for the same reason

So, monitoring your reputation online is an important part of any business and our system makes monitoring your reviews and gauging your online reputation simple by providing you helpful reports on reviews and how your reputation is looking. This way you can focus on running and building your company and not worrying about how your online reputation is doing.

One question we get a lot is how do we stop from getting bad reviews on Google and Yelp?

Our answer is simple in that if you are constantly getting bad reviews then you really must take a hard look at your business practices and make a change for the better. This may mean better customer service or providing better products and services.

If you get a bad review, it’s not always the end of the world. Most people know that you cannot make everyone happy and that sometimes no matter what you do a client is dissatisfied. We look at this as proof of genuine reviews. What we mean by that is that if all your reviews are like family and friends wrote them it does beg to question are, they are genuine? So sometimes a so-so review legitimizes the rest. You really want to avoid 1 star but a 3 star or 2 can on occasion make the 5 stars look legit.  Now we are not saying that you should not worry about getting bad reviews but rather that if one does make it on your google reviews it is not the end of the world, now lots of them will definitely have a negative impact because a client will see a trend of people being dissatisfied.

Bad Review Blocker

Our bad review blocker works to help you not get bad reviews by acting as a go between the actual review site and the client. What happens is when a client gets a prompt by our system to review your business it starts by asking would you refer us to friends and family with a thumbs up and or down visual indicator. If you choose thumbs up then it will take you to leave a review and if you choose thumbs down then it will take you to an internal form to give the business owner a chance to fix the situation before a bad review online happens.

The blocker will serve up a form that allows the customer to vent to you and not online. Our system also alerts you to the fact that you have an upset customer trying to leave a negative review and lets you jump into action to work towards making that client happy. Now this will not prevent all bad reviews but it’s a step in turning an upset customer into a happy one and a 1star review in to a 5star review!

If you have any questions about this service or simply want to get started were here to help! Please contact us and we will be happy to help you get started or answer any questions!