Internet Marketing For Realtors

Marketing for real estate agents in Houston really is a must! It’s a highly competitive market for both residential as well as commercial realtors. When it comes to real estate seo we at Greener SEO can help you get found online by more potential clients in your area or the areas of town that you represent. The competition is out there working to gain their market share online which is why real estate seo services are something that you should consider if you want to succeed in Houston and its suburbs as a realtor.

With Googles latest change in their algorithm having your own website is the way to get the best visibility. No longer are HAR pages a viable alternative to having your own site. Google decided that too many pages from one site in their search results are not what visitors want when doing a search and therefore have eliminated multiple pages appearing in search from the same site. This makes for a big problem for anyone that is running their online marketing off a page from a large site or a franchise page from the main franchise site.

Why Get Local SEO For Real Estate Agents?

If you are a realtor that operates in a certain area of Houston like the Woodlands, Sugarland, Katy, River Oaks, Bellaire, Heights or Montrose & Downtown Houston for example local seo is your best path to visibility online and getting leads. Local seo focuses on ranking in a local service area which can help you get clients in the area of town you represent. You can also go for broke and try to cover all of Houston by using certain tactics to expand your area outside of your actual location. Real estate seo locally is dependent on the actual location of your agency. So if you have multiple offices that is usually the best and if not then we can help you reach out in to areas where you do not have an actual location that are neighboring your location with our internet marketing techniques designed to help you expand your service are. This we believe makes us one of the best seo companies for realtors in Houston!

So, what all is needed to achieve the best internet marketing results for realtors?
  • Good knowledge of competitors in the area and their marketing strategy online to customize the proper strategy or to establish which one of our fixed price  complete seo packages would fit your needs!
  • Identifying the proper keywords to rank on to bring the right client to the site for best conversions.
  • An Seo Friendly Website which we can build for you or we can work with your developer to optimize your site to be seo friendly.
  • Optimization of your GMB to help you rank in google local maps. Our local seo services can get that job done at an affordable price.
  • Adding good quality helpful and informational content to your website along with a link building strategy that is compliant with Google.
  • Good Google reviews to help build your brand and good reputation online as well as help you rank in google local.
  • A bit of social media where you can build a following as well as share your informative articles and happenings like openings.

That is the basics of what a good real estate seo campaign should include.

Commercial Real Estate Internet Marketing & SEO

Commercial real estate is a different animal and also requires a bit of a different approach since the clients you are trying to attract are business owners and not someone looking for residential property. While the seo for realtors is pretty much the same regardless of if its residential or commercial the presentation is where adjustments are needed. What may appeal to a commercial real estate client may not appeal to one looking for their dream home. Also, when it comes to selling or renting out commercial property in Houston there are many choices, so the competition is quite stiff. In order for you to succeed you need a seo expert on your side like Greener SEO. We have provided SEO and internet marketing services to realtors as well as many other businesses in Houston as well as nationwide since 1997.

Once you have decided you want to dive into internet marketing and hire an expert there are some questions you should be able to answer before you consult with a marketing expert about your project.

  • Have a good idea what you want your campaign to accomplish? Brand awareness, more leads or maybe bring in more clients with properties for you to represent. It may be all of those things but the main thing here is to establish some reasonable goals that can be achieved by getting found online on searches related to your business.
  • Research your biggest competitors and share who they are with your marketing expert so they can then research your direct competition and see what strategies they are using to succeed online. Based on those finding an seo expert can match you with the best plan to help you beat the competition!
  • Come up with a reasonable marketing budget that you can sustain for a year. This way you are not pressed for immediate results. SEO is a long-term strategy and not a short term win so setting a yearly budget is a good plan to success online. If you want immediate results, then discuss a Pay Per Click strategy with you project manager. These campaigns are not cheap, but your results are immediate. The drawback is that every click cost you and you can easily spend thousands of dollars a month. Where SEO is also something that can have a hefty price tag to it especially in competitive markets where there is lots of money to be made. The difference is once you start ranking on keywords organically every click is free!
  • Give the marketing expert as much information as possible about your industry and your goals as well as what you are willing to spend so they have as much information as possible to do the best job for you and they can set proper expectations based on how stiff the competition is and your budget.

We at Greener SEO are here to help you succeed online and get found! If you have questions or want to schedule a time to talk to one of our marketing experts please contact us online or call us at 713-664-2266.