Content For SEO is tricky not only does it need to work for the search engines but it also has to work for link building, possibly social media as well as being informative to the end user. So it is not as simple as putting down good info and hoping that you will get rankings.

Frankly, you will keep hearing from Google that you should just write good content and everything will be fine! Well, that is just not true. Good content is definitely a huge part of the equation but there are things that need to go into good content in order for it to get the rankings it deserves this is where we come in.

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Writing & Optimizing Content For SEO

When it comes to writing content for SEO it is no longer as simple as putting words in the right place and proper keyword density. There are quite a few other factors like proper formatting, the use of accompanying video or images as well as providing the content in a way that it is easy to consume. We work one of two ways, one we can create the entire bit of content for you and post it as well as optimize it and do it all for you turn key or you can provide us with the expert information which we will then take and optimize and get posted on your site.

Content Written By Experts

We use a large pool of writers and work diligently to find writers that have knowledge in the space. We also work with you as the expert in the space and extract your knowledge and the angle of the article you see fit in the way of having you fill out a questionnaire that provides us cliff notes of a sort to write a proper article using your industry knowledge. The best method involves you as the industry expert providing us with the proper information and industry know-how which we then turn in to quality SEO optimized content.

We will use the proper formatting and optimization techniques to give your article the best chance to rank in Google. Nothing can guarantee rankings but we are constantly studying to stay on top of algorithmic changes in order to dial in your content as closely to what the search engines want to see in order to give it visibility in their SERP’s. Generally content alone will not do it unless the topic is very easy to rank on so gaining links for the article as well as social media exposure is most likely going to need to be considered to get the most out of organic rankings.

Images & Video For Content

Another aspect of what good content needs is something visual where we as people are quite visual and for the most part the more visual we make our content the better the chances are that someone will consume it. We can either create images for you but it is usually best to use your created images. Video content which is most preferable especially at the top of the page is another aspect we look at either creating or having you provide us. We find your video creations and images are generally best.

We Do Content Audits

We can also handle any content audits needed in order to get your site back to healthy. The Panda penalty is one for thin content and if your site is full of thin content it can adversely affect it, therefore a content audit might be necessary in order to clean up any thin content as well as combine content to make better more informative pages.

Content is still King and will likely continue to be into the future. Search Engines are about providing quality informative content to their users and therefore this aspect becomes one of the most important if you want to gain organic rankings.

Combine good content with some quality outreach to get links earned to it and your rankings will generally improve which means more visibility and more visitors to your site.

For content audits please contact us with the details of the site. Audits are quoted on a one by one basis based on the number of hours it will take to audit the site.