Seo / Digital Marketing For Lawyers

The digital space for lawyers is a competitive one especially in densely populated cities like Houston where many law firms compete for clients. This is where getting the most visibility for your law firm becomes a vital part of gaining clients. Greener SEO has extensive experience in lawyer seo and digital marketing. We have worked with attorneys that handle personal injury, debt consolidation, family law as well as traffic tickets. We realize attorney seo and digital marketing is different from other industries due to the American Bar Association and its rules on what can and cannot be said on a law firms’ website. We have several different ways that we approach attorney seo depending on the needs of the lawyer’s website needs as well as how they choose to generate content for their online presence. We are not just a marketing agency for lawyers, but we service many different types of industries and we bring that experience to your marketing campaign as well. We feel that this gives us an advantage over other agencies that only do web marketing for lawyers. We pride ourselves on being out of the box thinkers and working on your project using web marketing techniques that are not just industry specific, but we know to work to get you the best visibility online!

Local SEO For Lawyers

The best seo for lawyers tends to be local. The main reason is that it is easiest to operate and service your clients in the areas around your legal practice while some law firms service clients nationwide we find most practices operate in a state or city and therefore using a local optimization approach for visibility is the best plan!

When it comes to attorney seo we recommend that you contact us for a custom marketing plan that takes all the factors to success of a local seo plan into consideration.

Some of these factors are:

  • The strength of the competition
  • How well your current site is already doing and what we can improve
  • How competitive your location is for the search terms you would like to rank under. If you want to rank in a rural area or suburb of a larger city it is much easier than for example ranking in Houston, Dallas or someplace like New York City.
  • We can tailor a campaign that will suit your budget. As a rule, the bigger the budget the faster the progress and vice versa.

Our SEO services for lawyers use a combination of optimizing your google my business listing as well as building the authority of your practice’s website. You can also choose to just do one or the other but the best seo for lawyers is a combined strategy that will grow your websites presence in organic searches as well as your map rankings at the same time!

Get More Clients Coming From The Web Using SEO & Online Marketing

Just like with all things more and more people look for services as well as products online and looking for a competent lawyer is no different. So, if you do not have a strong online presence that is bringing you in clients then it’s really time to start looking at how you can become more visible online. Dominate other attorneys trying to compete with you on the web with one of our complete seo packages. We always recommend you talk to us first so we can either help you choose a package or to set you up with a custom plan tailored to your needs.

Many attorneys wonder why they should use seo services for lawyers and their firms.
  • More visibility online
  • Reputation Management
  • Get more reviews
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Getting found online brings in more client leads for personal injury, family law as well as debt relief attorneys and ticket attorneys

How We Approach SEO & Digital Marketing For Attorneys & Law Firms

The competitions for lawyers in big metropolitan areas is generally very stiff and therefore they require a bit more work than other industries. Attorneys in more rural areas like Katy, Sugarland, The Woodlands, Richmond Rosenberg or Humble will have a much easier time ranking on terms that will get them more clients in their area. Also, if the target is a suburb then we can run a very targeted campaign to get you visible in those areas with lesser resources then ranking in a big metro area like Houston or Dallas for example.

Digital marketing for lawyers is something our seo experts have had some experience with over the years. A typical campaign consists of the following

  • On Site Optimization – This consists of auditing the current website if one exists and fixing any issues that would stop it from ranking organically in Google. Things like title tags and site structure is what we address here.
  • Technical SEO – We also look at the site’s coding and things like load speed which are factors in getting good rankings.
  • Off Site SEO – This consists of things like acquiring links as well as working on social signals and building up your site’s authority in Google’s eyes.
  • Content Marketing – When possible we create relevant content in the form or new pages or blog post on the site that are designed to be informative and useful to the end user but are also optimized to appeal to the Google algorithm and getting you organics ranking. We also use this same content to get links to your site.
  • Set Up Google Analytics & Search Console – We set up Google Analytics as well as Search Console for you site to monitor traffic as well as monitoring the general health of the site.  Search Console is very helpful in finding issues as well as monitoring incoming links.
  • Set Up & Optimize Google My Business Listing – To get the best online visibility in google we use a local seo approach to  get you visible in google maps. This involves getting you listed in local directories also called citations as well as working on a strategy to get google reviews for the site. We also set up the main review sites for you like Yelp if they do not exist already. There is more that goes into this, but this covers the highlights. There are too many factors for local seo rankings to get into detail here.

So, this pretty much covers a typical lawyer seo campaign. We recommend you get with us before starting any seo so we can analyze your current local and national rankings and your present website as well as any other digital marketing to come up with the best plan for you! Every site and every project are different and have different needs which is why a custom plan is what gets the best and fastest results.