If you are a retailer of products and you have clients that you can reach out to then conducting your business online by setting up an e-commerce store that people can shop at while we all stay in place and practice social distancing.

We made this video to show you how to set up a very simple online shop that you can conduct business thru. This is so simple to do for even those that are not tech savy. Just follow the simple step by step instructions on the video and you can have your business online selling products during COVID19 and who knows you might just like it and keep on selling on the web!

Learn how to build this simple e-commerce store using

  • Site Ground for easy installation and affordable hosting.
  • Word Press
  • Woo Commerce
  • Astra Theme
  • PayPal

Those are the basic components being used in setting up this very basic online store. It requires zero coding.

Who Can Sell Products Online During COVID19?

You might be wondering what sort of business can benefit from this during these trying times? The answer is any business that sells products that can be shipped.

So businesses that sell products like

  • jewelry
  • hobby shops
  • clothing
  • electronics
  • health supplements
  • cbd & smoke shops
  • candy shops
  • beauty supplies
  • gift store’s
  • shoe store’s
  • video games
  • office supplies
Simple Online Store

This is not a complete list by any means but just a list to give you an idea of who could benefit from this.

Who Will Something Like This Work Best For?

Having an online shop is awesome for most businesses as long as you couple that with some internet marketing to drive traffic to the shop. So considering the current situation and just looking at who can benefit most from this sort of a quick e-commerce set up it will be established businesses that have been working to collect customer information like email addresses and phone numbers. The reason for this is that those businesses already have a list of clients that they can reach out to and simply direct over to their online shop.

If you Have the following this kind of set up is perfect for you during the COVID19 pandemic.

If you have any sort of contact info on your current clients.

  • You have client emails
  • You have client Phone Numbers.

What this will allow you to do is to reach out to them and direct them to your online shop. You can do this by calling them or doing a text blast or sending out an email blast via a service like mail chimp.

One Other Thing I Strongly Recommend Is To Get A Sign Made That Says ” FIND US ONLINE AT https://yourdomain.com

This way anyone that comes by the store can be directed online.

We hope that this helps our local Houston small and medium size businesses that sell products to find a very inexpensive way to get an online shop going. Even if its just a temporary one until we can all get through this.

If you need help setting up an e-commerce site like this we can help you at a very affordable price. Please contact us and let’s talk!

Dominik Hussl

Dominik Hussl has been working in search engine optimization since the mid '90s. He has over 20 years of experience working in SEO in many different industries from local to national campaigns. He has worked with energy companies, lawyers, real estate companies, dentists, medical clinics, car mechanics, Cigar shops, IT experts, staffing, corporate housing, CBD, Smoke Shops Cannabis businesses, and many more. He has also been on expert panels and a regular guest speaker at trade shows.