In all this COVID19 mess it seems it’s just bad news after bad news for small to medium-sized businesses. Well, there is good news from Google! If you are a current Google Ads client and you have actively run PPC campaigns 10 out of 12 months in 2019 as well as January and February of 2020 then you may be eligible for some ad credits! Google has allocated $340 million to ad credits for qualifying businesses so take action now and see if you can get your share! Google is also additionally helping with funding for businesses worldwide by providing capital to help small businesses get access to capital.

Here come answers to the most common questions on COVID19 ad credits and if your company qualifies as well as what the qualifications that Google is looking at are

Get Your COVID19 AD Credits From Google

Any company that has been running active ad campaigns for 10 out of 12 months in 2019, as well as January and February of 2020, could qualify.

How is Google Identifying Small Businesses For Eligibility?

It sounds like they have a global team of experts that will be identifying small to medium size businesses that qualify. You will still need to reach out to them to get the process started so don’t sit around and wait for Google to contact you on this.

How Will These Ad Credits Work & When Will They Be Issued?

So here is the big question that we all want to know. How will small to medium size businesses get these credits and when?

The credit will go towards future ad campaigns and can not be applied to a past spend or a current campaign. So these ad credits are solely towards future ad spends and can not be applied to a bill or any previous campaigns. This is designed to give you an incentive to run more ad campaigns with Google in the future and to help give small to medium sizes some help in recouping lost revenue due to COVID19

When will these ad credits be issued?

Credits should start rolling out towards the end of May. It appears these credits will be rolling out over several months. How this will work is that you will see a credit applied in your Google Ads Account.

Google Ad Credits

How Much Will The Ad Credit Be For & How Long Do I have to Spend It?

Google is giving anyone that has ad credits of this kind until December 31st of 2020 to use them. After that, the credit expires in whole or in part depending on if you used it and had some leftover or if it was never used. That is the drop-dead date for the credits so if you get them use them!

As to how much the ad credit will be for that seems to be determined by your previous ad spend as well as the country you are in and the currency being used to pay for Google Ads.

More Details

If you need full details on how to get your COVID19 Ad Credit from Google you can also visit this support thread and get your answers

If you have not taken advantage of this offer from Google we suggest you go get your ad credits now before they are gone!

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